The Dylan Talks#2 Spoken Word

#2 The Dylan Talks zijn maandelijks terugkerende events met een cultureel karakter om het 20-jarig bestaan van The Dylan Amsterdam te vieren.Tijdens deze avonden staat er één thema centraal. Deze avond was dit thema spoken words.


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Bakerline takes #foodporn to a higher level

Agency, Event, Guest List, Press Release

20 Years Cream PR

19 November 2018_In November 2018 Cream PR celebrated its 20th Bday. As its founder I am proud and grateful to the most authentic and great brands – both global and domestic – who made it happen to become who we are. A big thank you to our dearest press contacts from the first moment, journalists, TV stylists, influencers, artists, bloggers and Instagrammers. You gave me and our entire team your confidence and enthusiasm to realize our educational, interesting journey, filled with pleasure and satisfaction.

Our history in a nutshell: we started in 1998 with a double-decker bus, a showroom on the road, in which we presented all our items. Every week we visited press and publishers on location to present and inform them about the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle. After some years, the bus became too small to tell all our stories, and we landed in a big showroom in Westerpark/Amsterdam, the creative new hotspot area at that time. In January 2018 we went back to our roots, servicing the press in the best possible way. Evolving into a pro-active and digital agency was the most logical next step for us. We work on demand and with the most accessible service: free delivery and pick-up within three hours. We offer our digital showroom, a web shop for lend-outs and our own image bank, to stylists, press and influencers.

A big Bday cake represented our story on the 7th of November. On the 8th we had an intimate party with close influencers and a number of brands we represent, such as Buffalo Classics, Ted Baker, A Fish named Fred, Heroes on Socks and French Disorder. The artists Batartworks and Tessa de Graaf customised shoes and sweaters. A Fish named Fred made it possible to create a live tattoo shop with Tattokaatje. Thank you all for your attention, presents, sweet words and flowers and for celebrating this special occasion with the team and me. We’ll move on to our 21st Bday. We will keep you posted, so until the next one!

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