Q&A with Randy from FoodCrib

FoodCrib was one of our sponsors during the MensRoom Workshop Legal Aspects of social media.

FoodCrib has a very special story, but besides that, we were, of course, curious to hear about their favourite Food topper and which location they will never forget. We did a Q&A with Randy, one of the owners. FoodCrib was one of our delicious sponsors during the Workshop on Legal Aspect of Social Media.


In 1988, something totally new blew over the Netherlands, Amsterdam, the Stationsplein, to the Central Station. It was a young ice-cream seller who thought it was time for a change. He saw that his town was full of ice-cream vendors. Where he was once one of the few, he is now one of many.

He had heard something about a sausage in a roll from New York. A Hot-dog. And so it started. A roll that was too hard with a sausage in it. After months of trying and searching, the first real hotdogs were available in Amsterdam. It became a huge success. It was once again actually one of the few.

Therein, Amsterdam at the Central Station. The seller is our Grandpa, Grandpa Arnold. He gave his passion for new ideas and food to his son, Mark. When Mark was 16 he stood in Vondelpark selling ice-creams. They made the ice-creams themselves and sold to other vendors in town. Then at the Vondelpark, then by the Rijksmuseum, then at the Dam. Mark knew the town and the town knew Mark!

In 2001 Mark and Arnold opened the Lunch kiosk at the Museumplein. They sold ham and cheese sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers. Street food on another level. The same speed, the same passion in another way. Randy and Bodhi thought it was great. They were 11 and 6 at the time. Normally they would stand with their Grandpa or father at the Dam selling hotdogs, but now they could try other sandwiches and help sell them.

Q&A with Randy from FoodCrib

In 2010 Mark and his wife opened Stientje’s (named after his god-mother) at the Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam-West. This was at the time a run-down area. Everyone thought he was crazy ‘You’re not going to open a place where are you?’ ‘And what are you going to sell?’ A lunchroom serving high-tea, where every cup of coffee would be served with an advocaat and cream. Stientje’s quickly became very popular and was within no time a number 1 in known local magazines.

Mark loved it, but he did miss the freedom that Street food life bought. Stientje’s was sold. His attention went back to the kiosk. He took the experience with him and the passion that Stientje’s bought. There were sandwiches tried and created. It had to be pure. It had to be delicious. Passion and craftsmanship were leading. Four years later in 2014, the youngest generation of the family tradition was setting the trend. Randy was 24 and Bodhi 18. They bought two food trucks, or actually 2 old cars that were made into food trucks. Completely built with the insight of Mark and his two boys. FoodCrib began!

Q&A with Randy from FoodCrib

image via @yumsterdam

Q: The story behind FoodCrib is a real family tail, but with family, there are sometimes disagreements. Do you find that?

A: It sounds too good to be true but we never have disagreements. My grandfather worked together with his father-in-law and my dad with my grandfather and now us together with our dad. My son is 8 months old and he can already make a start! I think that if you begin a business it often revolves around profit. At the moment you have a business with a partner it also involves profit. With us, family always comes first. The first family and the business. We do not always agree but also understand that it only works at the end of the day. I want to be able to bring my son to my brother on Mondays and I like to eat at my mother’s on Saturday. Coincidentally I asked that yesterday if I would be able to eat at her’s again because we hadn’t seen each other outside of work for the last week or two.

Q: What are your top-selling food and the reason people come specially to the Food Crib?

A: That has to be the Fatboy Burger. We have a lot of regulars who come for this. I am most proud of the Sloppy Joe, it’s really super. Furthermore, the customers, mostly foreigners, love the vegetarian Hennep burger.

Q&A with Randy from FoodCrib

Q: What is the coolest/ craziest location you’ve been at?

A: What I’m very proud of is we were at the food part of the EK athletics. And the KLM Open is also a really cool project.

Q: Then I must ask, which location would you love to be?

A: Oh, difficult question. Then I’ll probably say the cliché answer like Mysteryland or something. This year we are going to be at Mystic Garden, that’s also pretty cool.

Q: We have seen a photo on Instagram that you were at the Dam…is that allowed?! Or were you busy doing something secret there?

Yeah, for sure that’s allowed, not just anyone of course. We have a licence to be there. From 31st August through until 6th July we will be there!

Q: What are your future dreams? We would love to know!

A: There are definitely future dreams. We now have 1 permanent location and 4 food trucks. It is our goal to eventually have more permanent locations, but yeah these are still dreams…

Q&A with Randy from FoodCrib

Credits photos: FoodCrib