A warm welcome to our new client French Disorder

Disorder in the closet!

Fashion has always been one of the ways to express ourselves. It tells us and others who we are or want to be. To what groups we want to belong, or who we want to rebel against. One of the coolest and trendiest brands that screams ‘express yourself’ is French Disorder. Mix ready-to-wear fashion with a healthy dose of urban spirit, playfulness and add a bit of cheekiness. The result is French Disorder. Comfortable must-haves of the highest quality make up a timeless collection colourful fashion items.

Casual Chic

We at Cream PR are big fans of their casual chic style sweaters, tank tops and shirts for both men and women. And we are proud to announce that as of 2019 French Disorder will be using our services. We will help French Disorder promote their beautiful Bordeaux-based brand on the Dutch market.

French Disorder’s motto is “Happy to wear”.

Needless to say that we have started developing a tailor-made mix of promotional activities such as influencer marketing and storytelling to help their fan base grow exponentially.

Cedric Gorrias of French Disorder: “It’s been already 4 seasons that French Disorder is present in the Netherlands. We are convinced that a specific PR strategy and especially collaborations with local influencers are more than necessary. This season, we are very happy to count on Cream PR to help us make the brand even bigger”.