AllGoods: sustainable & true fashion labels

17 september 2019

We are very proud to announce  AllGoods, an informing platform for press that can be contacted at all times, with the purpose of creating high impact public relations within the domain of textiles and fashion, regarding circularity, sustainability and inclusivity. The core team consists of a consortium of innovative frontrunners that invite other parties, and deliberate on joining organizations, labels, events and other opportunities.


A kickoff event will be organized in January. This will be quite a fashion extravaganza, which will show everyone the way to AllGoods. Stay tuned as  we’ll inform you later. Media and influencers have to be able to get in touch with the true sustainable labels. At the moment there is a lot of uncertainty, amongst the media as well, as to who is truly durable and who isn’t.

Through our network, image bank and lending facility we see to it that the media is well informed, has access to high quality images and videos, press releases and other content. Additionally, we facilitate the lending of items to stylists. AllGoods is the place to go for questions, inspiration, and information. Hot spot and operating base, situated in the former Bijlmerbajes (prison) in Amsterdam; for inspiration, motivation, and lending facilities. AllGoods also provides information to media, influencers and stakeholders.

  • Permanent collection and product presentations
  • Organization of bi-monthly events for media, influencers and stakeholders
  • Conditions on which brands and organizations can join: transparency // sustainability // circularity
  • Participants have a say in decision-making

Cream PR, forward-thinking PR agency for fashion and lifestyle brands, initiates and facilitates AllGoods and shares its knowhow, network and 21 years of experience with participants.

Only true labels can join AllGoods; valuable information for the media, as it gives them a party they can rely on.