AllGoods is a PR

and retailer minded platform that can be contacted at all times, with the purpose of creating high impact public relations within the domain of fashion, textiles, footwear and lifestyle regarding circularity, sustainability and inclusivity. The core team consists of a consortium of innovative frontrunners that  deliberate on joining organizations, labels, events and other opportunities.


Of course we continue like you’re used from us, focusing on influential media and marketing influencers through our digital channels. Press-and influencerevents take place at various locations in Amsterdam or in our own unique decorated showroom.

Sustainability affects

All of us, for AllGoods and Cream PR the main reason to move to CAST in Nieuwegein, trading center for footwear, sports and fashion in January. With CAST we found a unique location, central located in the Netherlands where we can develop our sustainable platform AllGoods further on and find ourselves right in the commercial domain of retailers, buyers and other stakeholders of interest.


Monday, February 3,  we will launch AllGoods on the Kick-On, the retailer CAST event, which takes place in the National Week of the Circular Economy (February 3-7). During this event, suppliers, enterprising shop staff, buyers and self-encouraged to kick off the season with positivity: the themes of sustainability, circularity and experience. For this occasion all kind of relevant press and influencers will be invited as well.

From this base

We facilitate a representative space showcasing latest products with possibilities for informing workshops, inspiring brand presentations, sales-and PR meetings and special occasions for all involved AllGoods parties. From now on we can also stretch our reach towards relevant retailers, in addition to the current ideas and plans. An important factor and incentive for consumers.

What happened before is the start of our Cream LAB’s in 2015.

Please note, this podcast is recorded in Dutch.

Podcast #3 Koplopers in fashion

Our third podcast from ‘Koplopers in fashion’ #3, with Sietske van Geel from Leger des Heils x ReShare. In this podcast, we talk about sustainability and circular fashion. Want to know everything about the process of donated clothes, the sorting process and the renewal of the clothes? Then this podcast may interest you.

Podcast #2 Koplopers in fashion

Our second podcast from ‘Koplopers in fashion’ #2, with changemaker and founder of Loop.a life: Ellen Mensink. In this podcast, we talk about sustainability and circular fashion. What makes a product circular and what is necessary for it to be circular, how do the processes run?

Podcast #1 Koplopers in fashion

With pride, we announce our first podcast from ‘Koplopers in fashion’ #1, with Daniel Beernink from the sustainable fashion label Rhumaa. In these podcasts, we talk about sustainability and circular fashion.
Want to know everything about a green company and its core being sustainable, while talking about inclusiveness and transparency?