The Inner Circle influencer of today

We are all familiar with the term influencer marketing, but let’s be honest, the concept of the influencer has existed for some time now. Journalists, Dutch celebrities and even a neighbour at a birthday party is an influencer. Anyone who has a credible opinion and wishes to communicate it to others is in fact an influencer. It feels almost as if influencers are friends, who you listen to and from whom you take advice. The personal connection, the esteem, combined with the number of followers, determine the value of a message.

The Inner Circle influencer or even nano-influencer, with a follower group of 1,000 to 10,000 followers, acts with professionalism, knowledge and passion. Nano-influencers do have somewhat fewer followers than their macro-influencer colleagues and are ‘real’ people with a reliable audience, greater involvement and engagement, which we are inspired by on a daily basis. This influencer also lacks commercial posts with an overload of hashtags, which is the case for the macro-influencer whose followers are often obtained or bought in a manipulative way.

Cream PR recently conducted a campaign with Inner Circle influencers for the lifestyle brands Sock My Feet, YourHanger and Brax. In this campaign they worked with Inner Circle influencers, editors and stylists in the fields of fashion, interiors and design.