Podcast #3 met Ellen van loop .a life

Podcast #2 “Koplopers in fashion” is uit. In deze serie podcasts spreekt Annet Goede, initiator van AllGoods en founder van Cream PR iedere keer een inspirerende gast uit de textiel- en mode-industrie.

We are proud to introduce our new client The Dylan Amsterdam. An exclusive gateway to uncovering the hidden treasures of Amsterdam’s past and present.

We at Cream PR are big fans of their casual chic style sweaters, tank tops and shirts for both men and women. And we are proud to announce that as of 2019 French Disorder will be using our services to help promote this beautiful Bordeaux-based brand on the Dutch market.

Women are most active when it comes to reading fashion blogs and watching vlogs, right? Most fashion brands aim their online content primarily at women, so it’s only logical to think that women are more under the influence of influencers than men.