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Als logisch vervolg op het werken met een online showroom en de recente ontwikkeling van de 1,5 meter economie presenteert Cream PR het laatste nieuws over haar merken via informatieve IGTV’s.

11 April 2020_ We are very proud our podcast Koplopers in Fashion’  is featured in ELLE’s latest edition. Being mentioned between authorities as David Attenborough and Australian Vogue editor Claire Press is a major honor. ELLE magazine’s ‘reading, listening and watching’ suggests books, documentaries and podcasts discussing our climat as hot topic. Thank you so much @Elles Beijers of ELLE magazine.

If you want to listen these series, consisting out of three podcasts with sustainable fashionbrands: Rhumaa, truly circular and Reshare the second-hand and vintage stores of Salvation Army, check this link at ITunes,  or other hosts as Spotify, Podparadise or Podtail.

We all know the clothing industry is the biggest polluter after oil, which is why sustainability has been on the agenda for years. Sustainable production and transparency throughout the entire chain is a must. How deep do you have to go as a fashion brand to be truly sustainable and to make a difference.

Annet Goede, founder of Cream PR and initiator of AllGoods made these podcasts together with leaders in the sustainable fashion industry. AllGoods, established in 2019, for impactful public relations within the field of textiles, footwear, lifestyle and fashion, around sustainability, circularity and inclusivity. A lot of knowledge has already been collected from frontrunners. On the other hand, there are many questions and ambiguities. How do you know as a user whether a company is really green, is it a first step or does it seem more than it is? How deep do you have to go as a brand to be truly sustainable and to make a difference. Unfortunately lots of people are still stuck in rusted behaviour buying numerous and infinite new items, for zero-nothing selling prices. Without considering the desastreus effects for our planet and workers at the starting point of the clothing/footwear industry chain.

Our main goal was to communicate and express our intentions for AllGoods in a clear and honest way by interviewing true and sustainable expertised frontrunners. It is not easy to change consumer behaviour, but somewhere we have to start and every step is one!

Apologize for non-native speakers, the podcast is recorded in Dutch language.


AllGoods is a PR and retailer minded platform that can be contacted at all times, with the purpose of creating high impact public relations within the domain of fashion, textiles, footwear and lifestyle regarding circularity, sustainability and inclusivity. The core team consists of a consortium of innovative frontrunners that  deliberate on joining organizations, labels, events and other opportunities.

We facilitate a representative space showcasing latest products with possibilities for informing workshops, inspiring brand presentations, sales-and PR meetings and special occasions for all involved AllGoods parties at CAST in Nieuwegein. From this place we can also stretch our reach towards relevant retailers, in addition to the current ideas and plans. An important factor and incentive for consumers.

Besides ELLE  ‘Koplopers in Fashion’ was alo mentioned at:

Reeks over changemakers en innovation in fashion & footwear. In deze eerste versie het van oorsprong Spaanse sneakerlabel Duuo. Met deze serie over sustainable-en/of vegan fashionmerken supporten we, vaak nog, kleinschalige merken om deze ondernemers meer bekendheid te geven.

Podcast #3 met Ellen van loop .a life

Podcast #2 “Koplopers in fashion” is uit. In deze serie podcasts spreekt Annet Goede, initiator van AllGoods en founder van Cream PR iedere keer een inspirerende gast uit de textiel- en mode-industrie.

We are proud to introduce our new client The Dylan Amsterdam. An exclusive gateway to uncovering the hidden treasures of Amsterdam’s past and present.

We at Cream PR are big fans of their casual chic style sweaters, tank tops and shirts for both men and women. And we are proud to announce that as of 2019 French Disorder will be using our services to help promote this beautiful Bordeaux-based brand on the Dutch market.

Women are most active when it comes to reading fashion blogs and watching vlogs, right? Most fashion brands aim their online content primarily at women, so it’s only logical to think that women are more under the influence of influencers than men.