Moving to C.A.S.T.

16 January 2020. Sustainability affects all of us, for AllGoods and Cream PR the main reason to move to C.A.S.T. in Nieuwegein, trading center for footwear, sports and fashion in January. With CAST we found a unique location, central located in the Netherlands where we can expand our sustainable platform for gamechangers to the next level and find ourselves right in the commercial domain of suppliers, retailers and relevant stakeholders.

From C.A.S.T., we facilitate a representative showroom with possibilities for workshops, brand presentations, sales-and PR meetings and special occasions for all involved AllGoods parties. From now on we can also stretch our reach towards relevant retailers, PR wise, in addition to the current ideas and plans. An important factor and incentive for consumers.

For Cream PR this is not more than a logical step to take, due to our digital showroom, including the fast-delivery and pick-up service. C. A. S. T.  is well accessible and, in addition, we are in the middle of the 160 showrooms with an international portfolio of over 600 brands. We see a lot of potential to work with existing brands to generate more attention and brand awareness in the direction of the media and influencers. Both for the individual brands, as well as C. A. S. T. itself. We are looking forward to this exciting collaboration.

Of course we continue like you’re used from us, focusing on influential media and marketing influencers through our digital channels. Press and influencer events take place at various locations in Amsterdam or in our own showroom.


Monday, February the 3rd, we will launch AllGoods on the Kick-On, a retailer event initiated by C.A.S.T., which takes place in the National Week of the Circular Economy (3rd until 7th of February). During this event, suppliers, enterprising shop staff, buyers and self-encouraged to kick off the season with positivity: the themes of sustainability and circularity.

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