Influencer marketing

For some years now the conventional press has been challenged by a new breed of media; influencers, influentials, Instagrammers, Facebookers, bloggers, etc. In some cases, the mass influencers have an impressive number of followers. On the other hand, you have the micro and Inner Circle influencers with smaller numbers, with their reach and impact being more genuine and credible.

Real people

In our opinion, the cause of this success is considered to be ‘humanization’, which is the credibility that lies in human-to-human communication. Honest and authentic selections and reviews. Human-to-human content created by ‘real’ people brings us closer to personal experiences and makes them seem more accessible and equivalent. ‘What you do is something I also could do!’ PR nowadays contains a variety of different approaches and Cream PR offers all the essentials and more.


The high-profile influencers/ ‘the new celebrities’ whose amount of followers reaches way more than 500.000 are considered more as an idol and less of an accessible example for the average customer. This brings us to the micro-influencers: bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, Facebookers, Snapchatters etc, with a total range between 5.000 and 50.000 and a relatively high level of engagement on their profile. In the blink of an eye, these ‘ordinary’ people start to become role models within reach of the average customer of the brands. The commercial aspect does not drive the upper tone as the content is pure, conscious and selected according to their style and preference.

Influencer Marketing Agency Powered by Cream PR

Together with our software intelligence partner, we developed a special research package,  implemented by our agency which is ready to use. Our system includes an extensive database of influencers, reach-data and reporting capabilities to make sure a brand’s activities can be monitored in the best way.

Our influencer knowledge and experience will not only focus on influencers but also on digital blogs. With both parties, we maintain paid and earned collaborations. Exclusively formatted content including imaging and texts is one of the many possibilities. Drawn up by an influencer in collaboration with a blog. On your request, we can even determine the ultimate list of influencers your competitor is working with. For a brand, it can be very valuable to know the results of a formal executed campaign. What can we learn from this campaign, or even better, improve it?

After creating a long list of potential influencers, we’ll examine credibility and take a broad look at the audience of the influencer. We have insight into the demographics of the followers, their interests and their brand affinity. Your campaign will not only result in a significant amount of reach, but this will be a highly specific targeted reach. Remember this; a fashion influencer may have a large number of followers with an interest in travel and foods instead of apparel. Cream PR combines the high-end technology with real human touch to tailor your influencer marketing.

How it works

For strong, great ideas and the most original content, we work with BIS (Brainstorming Independence System). This is a team of experienced creators, editors, bloggers, photographers, stylists, visionaries and designers that create the most innovative, unique campaigns. After the publication is put online, our technology will start its research; collecting a number of impressions, reach, engagement and finalizing the total impact of the post. At the end of every campaign, we will provide a detailed ROI-reporting.

Our pricing is simple. We create an influencer campaign for your brand starting from €5000,- excl. VAT. Want to know more?  Send your request through to Annet.