Guess who rely on influencers more, men or women?

Women are most active when it comes to reading fashion blogs and watching vlogs, right? Most fashion brands aim their online content primarily at women, so it’s only logical to think that women are more under the influence of influencers than men. Well, think again. Research by Dutch marketing agency XMPLE shows that men rely on vlogs and blogs for their fashion purchases more than their female counterpart.


The Amsterdam based agency conveyed a survey among 1.000 Dutch people between the age of 18 & 40. It shows that the Dutch watch influencer content quite regularly (more than 70% of the respondents). Surprisingly enough, men do so more than women (78,2% vs. 63,2%). Not only that, they also talk about what they found online more than women (76,7% vs. 60,9%). This goes to show that it is well worth the effort to focus on your male target groups.


What’s the biggest difference between the sexes, when it comes to their online shopping behaviour? Women search for inspiration. Men simply make more purchases after having watched convincing influencer content (67,7% vs. 57,1%). Probably because men are more result oriented in this process. They want to search, click and buy. Women on the other hand, give themselves more time to search, compare and consider their options. Add to that, that they have a lot more to choose from, and there you have the main reasons why it takes women longer to make their online fashion purchases.

So maybe it’s time to put your online focus more on your male audience. Since 2016 Cream PR has been working on the best strategies for our clients in men’s fashion (see our MensRoom blog) and needless to say, we are proud of our influencer collaborations with brands such as Ted Baker, Brax, and Sock my Feet.