January 2018_The world of PR currently finds itself in a true revolution, where the role of media continues to grow and evolve. Consumers can now be reached anytime, anywhere and on any device. The most significant is the fact that these consumers will make their own decisions in this.

How does this affect PR and communication for your brand?

Due to the huge increase in online media, professionalization of influencers and the extent of communication opportunities, the amount of advertizements in print media are decreasing.

As a result of the development in human-to-human communication, it becomes increasingly complex to be credible as a brand to the people on the streets.

Consequently the chance of “good-old” free publicity is declining and media no longer possess the means to achieve this.  Because of the declining advertizing market, budgets are getting smaller and even editing teams are shrinking.

In response to this, we provide and establish (paid) collaborations with both traditional print media and digital media. Allowing them the opportunity to do their job, but at the same time making sure that they provide relevant, game-changing content that is not solely determined by the brand.


Think about the following:

Sponsorship of photo productions,

The funding of a behind-the-scenes video,

A beautiful reportage in which the product is shown in an authentic way,

A well-written text with exclusive images,

A specific research.

Not only in the relevant *number* but as a long term partnership. A paid form of content that is relevant and dependable. Become a ‘Friend of the Brand’. In return, the brand can expect product placement, items being used in fashion shoots, shopping pages – both off and online, links to the brand’s web-shop.

Cream PR’s strategy is to be more convenient; by reducing distance, time and efforts,  we optimize our services. Stylists, editors and influencers are so busy nowadays that we make it our job to increase their activity and decrease the logistics and administration which will positively affect the visibility of your brand.



At Cream PR we work with in-house fashion editors who know exactly what is essential and necessary and we work from the perspective of the press.


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