Bakerline brings #foodporn to a whole new level

April 2018

Enjoying cakes without having that guilty feeling? We hear you thinking that isn’t possible. In fact it is; Bakerline has six wonderful cakes without any naughty additions. Just made from nutritious, fair-trade ingredients. For everyone who would like to eat cake a little more healthily and without that guilty feeling.
Bakerline is a health conscious bakery that makes cakes on a completely different level. None of their cakes need baking, they are raw; so no need for an oven. This keeps the nutrients intact and no animal products are used. Animal products such as eggs, milk, animal e-numbers, honey and gelatine. But what is then used to make these cakes? High quality ingredients such as raw cocoa, nuts, fresh fruit and natural sweeteners. Sounds delicious right!
Each cake consists of three layers and the bottom one is the ‘crust’. The middle and upper layers determine the taste. What do you think of ‘The Peanut Butter Lover’ made of peanuts, chocolate and freshly ground nuts or ‘The matcha berry cake’ made from green tea, blackcurrants and nuts, a fresh and fruity cake. We can keep on going but so that you know, there is plentiful choice!
Nice to know: Bakerline’s cakes are square and there are no less than 16 pieces in one cake. So you can keep on enjoying or sharing!
The cherry on the cake has got to be the variation that hockey star Ellen Hoog created together with the Amsterdam cake bakers. The Ellen Hoog cake is a sensible snack with ingredients such as fresh strawberries, banana and chocolate, made from organic cocoa and with no added sugars.
All the Bakerline cakes can be ordered online via their website from this week. This way, you can easily get these delicious and healthy cake gems delivered to your doorstep. Or you can always run to your nearest store to get them as they are always available there!

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