The Dylan X Van GilsTimMonday

The Dylan and Van Gils Fashion collabed for a ultra white and clean experience. The exclusive The Dylan x Van Gils Shirt service works quickly, easily and discreetly. It happens to everybody. Having a meeting with an important customer or you’ll have a exciting date soon. Then you discover that the shirt you thought was clean is no longer very fresh. Or you are traveling and once you arrive at the hotel room it appears that you have forgotten to pack a shirt. Can happen. But no problem because hotel The Dylan and Van Gils Fashion supply a fast solution to the problem; the exclusive The Dylan x Van Gils Shirtservice.
The Dylan x Van Gils Shirtservice works quickly, easily and discrete. It is quality service that you can expect from 5-star hotel The Dylan and Van Gils, tailor since 1948. The shirts of the Dutch tailor Van Gils are fashion conscious, stylish and of sustainable quality. And the shirts offered at The Dylan x Van Gils Shirtservice are slim-cut, non-iron shirts for added convenience. Wrinkle-free, stain-free and crisply fresh, what more does a man want more?
Nothing beats a crispy fresh, spotless white shirt.

The only problem with the white shirt, nothing is as contagious as a white shirt … A brief moment of inattention during a business lunch, for example, is sufficient to cancel out the inviolable appearance of a white shirt with one drop of red wine. It happens often enough in hotel The Dylan. And partly for that reason The Dylan and Van Gils Fashion created a special shirt service. Van Gils’ mission to support men on their “Road to Success” translates very practically into a shirt service that is delivered exclusively at The Dylan.

It works as follows: simply call the front desk from the room, give the desired shirt size and the fast service of The Dylan x Van Gils Shirtservice will start running. The fresh shirt is in no time at the reception. Also room service is of course an option.
And whoever wants to order two shirts in two different sizes after an unexpected and unforgettable night at The Dylan, does so quickly and discreetly via The Dylan x Van Gils shirt service.