INVITE The Dylan Talks #5 X Watches | A Mechanical Fascination

On Tuesday 22 October The Dylan Talks #5 was about the fascinating world of the mechanical watch. The Dylan Talks is a monthly talk show that takes place in the Amsterdam boutique hotel and restaurant The Dylan.

This edition of The Dylan Talks dealt with a piece of technology that has fascinated men in particular for ages. Where does that strong fascination that men have with watches come from?  Extraordinary timepieces, unexpected complications, the history behind iconic watches; things aficionados never finish talking about.

Specialised watch journalist Lex Stolk will talk to Jacco Goossens, watch expert at Gassan luxury jewelry to find answers to essential watch questions, such as: what makes a timepiece so valuable and what exactly is the use of all the complicated technology? They will exchange surprising anecdotes and discuss the most talked about watches of the moment as well.

Lex Stolk is a highly experienced and specialised watch journalist, who writes for ‘Tempus’, the watches section of Dutch newspaper Het Fincancieele Dagblad and the immensely popular Dutch website